Backstage Report Offers Details On Jennifer Pepperman's AEW Role

It was recently announced that three-time Daytime Emmy Award winner and former WWE writer Jennifer Pepperman would be joining AEW as the company's new Vice President of Content Development. Pepperman had left her position in WWE after seven years just over a week before the announcement, where it was confirmed she would be working alongside Tony Khan in producing content for AEW's live programming. 


In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer offered more details as to what Pepperman will be doing now that she is "All Elite." Meltzer stated that going forward, Pepperman will be heavily involved with the women's storylines, but that she will also be contributing to the men's storylines at certain points as well. Khan will remain Head of Creative, with Pepperman joining the likes of Bryan Danielson, Sonjay Dutt, and Jerry Lynn as people who aren't officially writers, but do contribute to the writing of AEW programming.

Meltzer stated that Pepperman's first night on the job was the February 21 "AEW Dynamite," a show that aired live literally just a few hours after the announcement that she had joined the company. He also noted that it will be interesting to see how Pepperman adapts to life in AEW, as her only experience in wrestling has been with WWE, and that how things are run in AEW is extremely different to how things are run in WWE. Pepperman was routinely praised for her work in WWE, where she mainly focused on the "WWE SmackDown" women's division. During that time, she struck up a strong bond with Sasha Banks, now known as Mercedes Mone, who is also set to join AEW in the coming weeks, where Pepperman will reportedly act as Mone's personal writer on top of her other duties in creative.