More Details On How Much Scott D'Amore Offered To Purchase TNA Wrestling

It's been over two weeks since Scott D'Amore was fired as TNA President, and details about his relationship with TNA's parent company, Anthem Sports, are still emerging. D'Amore was replaced by Anthem's Anthony Cicione, with Anthem themselves expected to take on a much larger role in the day-to-day running of TNA. It was also reported by Dave Meltzer that one of the reasons why D'Amore was let go was due to him asking for a bigger budget to allow TNA to grow and expand, as well as make plays for big name talent like CM Punk and Will Ospreay, who have since been signed by WWE and AEW, respectively. However, Anthem had other plans and decided to cut the budget instead, after which D'Amore knew he was not going to be President of TNA for long.


In the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer revealed there was actually a plan in place for D'Amore to buy TNA from Anthem Sports. One source close to the group headed by D'Amore claimed that they were willing to offer Anthem Sports $10 Million to purchase the company. Another source close to the group added more detail by confirming that the deal was for $10 Million, plus all existing debts that the company had amassed over the years, as well as trade debts, meaning that Anthem Sports would have walked away with $10 Million guaranteed, as D'Amore's group would have taken on the company's liabilities.

D'Amore's group reportedly valued TNA in the range of between $7 Million and $12 Million, and thought their deal was very fair and worked for both sides. However, Anthem Sports not only turned down the offer cold, but didn't propose a counter offer, seemingly ending negotiations on the spot.