Judgment Day Retains Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles At Elimination Chamber 2024

As the sun set on Perth, Australia, Damian Priest and Finn Balor of WWE's Judgment Day strutted down to the ring towards their opponents, Tyler Bate and "The Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne, known collectively as New Catch Republic. One ringside ejection, one tag team finisher debut, and many near falls later, The Judgment Day secured the victory over New Catch Republic, and retained the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships.


With the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships on the line, both parties employed drastic measures in a truly unpredictable match. The match was chaotic from the very beginning. Dominik Mysterio, who had accompanied Priest and Balor to the ring, was immediately ejected from the ring by New Catch Republic, and the contest started with a brawl between all four men. Mysterio continued to run interference, and was ultimately ejected from ringside after he was caught moving Balor's foot to force a rope break.

With Mysterio out of the picture, New Catch Republic capitalized on a lone Priest, and debuted a new tag team finisher and homage to their hometown: The Birminghammer. New Catch Republic nearly scored the victory with their new offense, but Priest was able to kick out after the move. It was a precipitous drop from there, and after a double South of Heaven chokeslam from Priest off the second rope and a Coup de Grace from Balor, The Judgment Day retained the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships.


At one point in the match, Dunne employed his signature finger-breaking offense on Balor. It seemed that Dunne's attack had lasting damage, as the final shot of the match was of Balor, staring at his mangled fingers with an expression of pain. It is currently unknown whether the shot was cinematic, set-up for a kayfabe injury, or a legitimate injury.