Rhea Ripley Retains WWE Women's World Title At Elimination Chamber 2024

Rhea Ripley retained her WWE Women's World Championship in an emotional victory in front of her family, in her home country of Australia, against Nia Jax in the main event of Elimination Chamber. Ripley now heads to WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia to face the winner of the women's Chamber match, Becky Lynch. Ripley outlasted Jax's brute strength to get the victory off a Riptide.


Jax showed off her power throughout the match, but Ripley continuously attempted to get her off her feet with chops and submission maneuvers. At one point in the match, both women were out of the ring. Ripley tripped Jax on the apron, and she appeared to hit her face. Ripley then cleared off the announce desk and attempted a powerbomb on Jax, but couldn't lift her up. Jax was able to counter and hit a Samoan Drop to Ripley onto the announce desk, but it didn't break, so she hit Ripley with an elbow to send her crashing through it. Ripley was able to avoid a second A-Nia-Later from Jax inside the ring. She capitalized to get Jax to the second rope for a suplex, before hitting her with a superkick, and the Riptide for the victory.