WWE HOFer Hulk Hogan Reflects On Saving Teenage Girl From Flipped Vehicle

Last month, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan helped rescue a young woman from a flipped vehicle in Clearwater, Florida. In a recent interview with Erick Stakelbeck, the 70-year-old reflected on the incident and detailed his experience pulling her out of the vehicle before more damage could be done.


"My main concern was that so many cars were coming off at speed that we might get rear-ended and then run into her and finish the job that might have already happened in the car. The main thing was to get the traffic stopped and see how many people were in the car, and get her out of the car."

Hogan noted that he approached the vehicle with his friend Jake and immediately saw that the airbags had been blown out. This meant they couldn't see inside the car, so Hogan had to break the airbags with a ballpoint pen before they could safely get her unbuckled and out of the car. However, even he was surprised to discover that the crash left her feeling relatively unscathed.

"It was like a miracle. She was 17 years old, shaking like a little wet puppy, scared to death. And by looking at her, she had no injuries, no broken arms, no broken legs, no blood, no nothing."


Afterward, they called an ambulance, and Hogan asked the girl to contact her parents to let them know what had happened. He said she must have had a guardian angel protecting her, though he did find it odd that so many other drivers passed by and offered no assistance.

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