WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T Names One Thing He'd Change About His Wrestling Career

WWE legend Booker T has revealed his one big regret of his legendary pro wrestling career.

Booker T was a recent guest on "Busted Open," where he talked about his iconic career, while he and fellow WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry also reminisced about the happy times they spent inside and outside the ring in WWE. Booker T stated that he is pleased with how his pro wrestling career turned out, but his only regret is that his mother didn't get to watch him wrestle.


"My career, I wouldn't change one thing in my whole wrestling career, other than my mother not being here to see it," said the veteran star.

The Hall of Famer lost both his parents by the age of 13. He lost his father before turning one, and his mother passed away when he was 13. In the "A&E" documentary about his life, it was revealed that his mother's death was a result of complications from a surgery that she underwent. Following her passing, the future WCW World Heavyweight Champion lived with his sister.

Before becoming one of the greatest African-American wrestlers in pro wrestling history, Booker T had a brush with the law as he was incarcerated after being involved in an armed robbery. But the two-time Hall of Famer turned his life around to become a household name in WCW alongside his brother Stevie Ray, before becoming even more successful as a singles star in WWE, eventually leading to two WWE Hall of Fame inductions. 


Booker T is now a commentator on "WWE NXT," while he also runs his own promotion, Reality of Wrestling, which has seen the likes of Kylie Rae and Roxanne Perez come through the ranks.