Matt Hardy Opens Up About Working With New AEW Hire Jennifer Pepperman In WWE

Matt Hardy has discussed the signing of Jennifer Pepperman and what she will bring to the table, having previously worked with her in WWE.

AEW recently welcomed a new face to their backstage team, three-time Daytime Emmy Award winner Jennifer Pepperman, who joined as the new Vice President of Content Development. While most, if not all, creative decisions in AEW go through Tony Khan, it seems that some people are excited to have Pepperman on board. During the most recent edition of the "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" podcast, Hardy said that it will be an overall net positive for AEW to bring in someone with a different background than other creative minds within the company. 


"I think it's very interesting," Hardy said. "I think it's a positive thing that Tony [Khan] is bringing someone that has been in the WWE format and the WWE writing room and the WWE structuring room, to bring them and give insight on AEW. I think it's a positive."

Outside of an award-winning career working in TV dramas and soap operas, Pepperman made a name for herself in the wrestling world as a writer for WWE, working primarily on producing storylines for the women's division.

Dave Meltzer of the "Wrestling Observer Newsletter" confirmed that Pepperman was on hand to work at the recent February 21 edition of "Dynamite," a show that took place just a few hours after her signing was announced. It's been heavily speculated that she will continue to work closely with the women of AEW, while also contributing to some male storylines too, and will also work alongside Khan in producing content for AEW's live programming.


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