WWE's Booker T On When He Was At This Best In The Ring, His Place In Wrestling History

Booker T had a decorated career in pro wrestling, finding success in both WCW and WWE, where he cemented his legacy in the industry. Booker rarely steps into the ring these days, but he runs the Reality of Wrestling school and promotion. During a recent appearance on "Busted Open Radio," he looked back at his prestigious career, noting that he gradually learned more about wrestling as he went along. That said, he claims he finally got things right at the tail end of his career. 


"I tell people all the time, my best form of Booker T was when I was like 40. That's when I had all the knowledge in my head. It's not about the wrestling, it's not about the moves, it's what you do before the move and what you do after the move."

Regarding his legacy, Booker claimed he doesn't think about it often and doesn't even watch his own matches. "I didn't get into wrestling to win the title; I just wanted to be the best guy on the roster. My dad used to say, 'Cream rises to the top.' So, I always just went out to perform." Despite this, he admitted that he doesn't always get his rightful due.

Booker also claimed that he never pitched stories to creative and instead always went with the script and tried to outperform himself. "I didn't care if it was working with Goldie, [or] fighting Stone Cold Steve Austin in the grocery store; I just wanted to make that script the best I possibly could. That's the way I've always looked at wrestling."


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