Former WWE Star Bobby Fish Discusses His Martial Arts Future

Bobby Fish is likely most recognized for his tenure alongside Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, and Roderick Strong in WWE as the Undisputed Era. However, he is also a trained kickboxer, and his background in this field informed his wrestling persona. According to Fish, speaking on a recent "Under The Ring" appearance, he is still open to competing in martial arts bouts.


According to Fish, his walk with martial arts predates his transition into the world of pro wrestling, and he still trains regularly. "No, martial arts was long before pro wrestling; I started taekwondo when I was eight, so I kind of never stopped doing some form of it all to this day. I still train Muay Thai pretty regularly."

The former WWE star claimed that he is still interested in taking real fights and that he came close to securing a kickboxing match recently. "I just did a boxing match last November in Dubai. So yeah, I still try to stay active if the price is right, for sure. It'll never not be an interest of mine."

Fish revealed that his 11-year-old daughter has also followed him into martial arts. As such, he believes that he'll likely continue to practice the sport in some capacity for the rest of his life. Fish recently returned to Major League Wrestling, and according to reports, he has signed a contract as a regular wrestler.


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