WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Steiner Discusses His Evolution To Big Poppa Pump

Despite making his professional debut in the mid-80s, Scott Steiner didn't find the gimmick that truly defined him until deep into the Monday Night Wars as he would eventually become the "big bad booty daddy" known simply as "Big Poppa Pump."


During a recent Q&A session at "Music City Multi Con," Steiner looked back on the feud he had with his brother Rick in 1998 which ultimately led to the creation of the Big Poppa Pump character. 

"It was time for me to change," Steiner said. "I was getting pretty much sick of everything, and I had a different attitude at that point. That's really why I changed, went blonde, as soon as I did that that night, turned on my brother, I bleached my hair because I knew I couldn't go out there and try to be the same guy."

Steiner admitted that he had to do a complete shift in his character to make people hate him, something he felt was much easier to do than make people like him. However, he wasn't too happy right away as he failed to pick up a win on pay-per-view following his repackaging, a decision that Steiner felt would halt any momentum he had made for himself. 


"You don't do that to the first guy who just repackaged you know?" Steiner said. "But you try and make chicken salad out of chicken s**t, so I just kept working on the character ... work on my interviews, tried to be a b*****d and people took off." 

Steiner remained as Big Poppa Pump for the rest of his in-ring career and continues to wear his trademark chainmail to conventions and public appearances to this day.

Please credit "Music City Multi Con" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.