WWE Star Seth Rollins Touches On Roman Reigns' Perceived 'Insecurity'

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have lots of history with each other, and it could arguably be said that no other WWE star knows the "Tribal Chief" better than Rollins. Speaking with "Inside the Ropes," Rollins took a nasty jab at Reigns ahead of their respective high-profile title defenses at WrestleMania 40. Rollins was asked what he thinks about Reigns always looking down at his World Heavyweight Championship in interviews.


"I just see it as a bit of insecurity, that's all. So, it doesn't irk me so much, as to me it's a sign of he knows I'm telling the truth and it bothers him." Following this, Rollins claimed he also gets under Reigns' skin, which the "Head of the Table" tries to play off according to "The Visionary." "And he lets it get under his skin, even though he tries to pretend it doesn't. And so, it's fun to watch that come out of him."

Lastly, Rollins pointed to their lengthy relationship, and suggested Reigns knows he's a worthy champion despite his remarks. "I've known him for a very long time, I know how he operates, and so to me, when he lashes out in ways like that it's because he knows the truth and he can't admit it." Reportedly, Rollins and Cody Rhodes might team up to take on Reigns and The Rock during the main event of  WrestleMania 40: Night One, meaning the two old friends might clash one more time before they both possibly lose their championships.


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