WWE Star Seth Rollins Doesn't Hold Back On The Rock, Whom He Calls An 'Afterthought'

The Rock has caused quite an uproar with his return to WWE after inserting himself into The Bloodline storyline, and potentially being a massive hurdle in Cody Rhodes' "story." Speaking with "Inside the Ropes," Seth Rollins completely dismissed Rock and downplayed his WWE comeback. According to Rollins, he isn't phased by Rock, and that the legend will simply just repeat the same things he's always repeated.


"Yeah he's going to open his mouth, he's going to run his mouth, he's going to say the same crap he's been saying for the last two decades 'cause he can't come up with any new material." Following this, Rollins pointed out that he and the current generation of WWE stars fared well without Rock. "The bottom line is, and I've said it before, he's just ... He's an afterthought. This is our story. This is our era. We built the last decade of WWE. We built it without him. And I'm not taking anything away from him, he laid the groundwork for it but we built it, man. So, he can come in and have a little tea, but we're gonna shoot him on the way out, so, happy to have him, happier to see him go."

Rollins didn't stop there, as he then claimed he's better today than Rock has ever been before. "Look, he's a specimen. But he hasn't had a match in a decade. But I'm on a different level now, I'm in my prime. I am operating at a level so high above any level he's ever operated at. He could not lace my boots at the best years of his career, let alone now."


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