Why WWE Hall Of Famer Jake Roberts Isn't Surprised By Billy Jack Haynes' Arrest

A star of the territory era was arrested at the beginning of February, accused of killing his wife, and now, one WWE legend is saying he isn't shocked. William Haynes Jr., better known as Billy Jack Haynes, 70, was arrested following a two-hour standoff at his home in Portland, Oregon. When authorities were finally able to enter his home, they found his 85-year-old wife already dead, following what appeared to be a shooting. WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts found out about the news on a recent episode of "The Snake Pit," but it did not seem to rattle him. Roberts said it really didn't surprise him, and that something was always "amiss" with Haynes.


"He was a little off," Roberts said. "He had some nuts loose, you know? He wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer-type guy. He just had a quirk about him that I never felt safe around him."

Roberts and Haynes were involved in a tag team match together in WCCW. In the following years, the pair were also involved in a battle royal with 18 other men during a WWF live event in 1987. Haynes was a star in the territories, wrestling for not only WCCW and the WWF, but the NWA and WCW as well. He retired in early 1996. Haynes was involved in a federal lawsuit against WWE, alleging "egregious mistreatment of wrestlers" and "denial of medical research and evidence" regarding traumatic brain injuries suffered by wrestlers in the company. Haynes also sought for class action status for the suit, but it was dismissed in 2016. Following the shooting death of his wife, Haynes was taken to the hospital for an unrelated injury. He had previously been hospitalized in 2013 due to heart, liver, and kidney issues.