Hacksaw Jim Duggan Reveals Advice Given To Him By WWE Icon Macho Man Randy Savage

"Macho Man" Randy Savage was one of the biggest names of his generation, and as such was one of the biggest acquisitions for WCW when he ultimately left WWE. According to "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan on "The Hacksaw Hour," Savage's advice played a role in how long he too stayed with WWE. Per Duggan, he would have stayed with WWE until the end of his career, but took Savage's advice to heart.


"I was going to ride that horse to the end, brother. Advice Macho gave me: 'Never take yourself out of the game.' I took that to heart." Despite this,  "Hacksaw" explained that he would have left on his own had he ended up being "abused" by the promotion. "I would have stayed there as long as possible, unless they started to abuse me obviously — start jobbing me all the time, just really abusing me."

Following this, the veteran looked back fondly on his final run with WWE, and noted how his departure came just as the promotion began to usher in "The New Generation Era." "It ran its course, it was a great run and obviously, that was to this day the Golden Age of WWF because by then a lot of guys were starting to move on, it was a new group coming in." Interestingly, Duggan also suggested that Lex Lugar adopting an America-themed gimmick was one of the signs his time with the promotion was coming to an end.


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