Bully Ray Offers Candid Assessment Of Seth Rollins' Reception By WWE Fans

As the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion, many consider Seth Rollins to be the face of "WWE RAW" and one of the top stars in the promotion. However, according to Bully Ray on "Busted Open Radio," Rollins is largely overshadowed by several other talents on the roster. Bully explained that while it seems like Rollins is over, he relies a lot more on the stars he feuds with and can't stand on his own. "I think Seth, at this juncture, is only as over as the people that he is in the ring with. Right now. If he's in there with stars of his caliber or more, they're more willing to listen to Seth. That pregnant pause tells you everything."


Following this, he claimed that Rollins has programmed the fanbase to sing along to his theme but that it doesn't resonate with anyone. "Seth has programmed his fanbase to sing and say his tagline. Seth being overshadowed by Cody and last night with Drew? I don't think it resonated." Additionally, he criticized WWE for allowing Rollins to be flamboyant. "You don't do him any favors when you allow him to wear a green tuxedo and then get treated like a b**** by The Rock."

Despite this, Bully still praised Rollins, but maintained his character is stale. "Seth Rollins is a phenomenal wrestler, [you can talk] for an hour about how great Seth is and blow smoke up his a**. Talking about the character right now and how it's coming across on television, I think a lot of people agree." Bully also opined that Rollins should betray Cody Rhodes to refresh his character.


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