Former WWE/WCW/TNA Creative Personnel Vince Russo Shares Medical Update, Diagnosis

Former WCW, WWE, and TNA writer/producer Vince Russo has provided an update on his health after he recently received worrying news. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Russo revealed he has been diagnosed with diabetes. He wrote "Found out yesterday I have Diabetes. Today, the battle begins, There's more than wrestling, bro, there's life." Many of Russo's fans have come out in support of the former WCW Champion, wishing him the best as he begins his fight against the disease.


When it comes to Russo's legacy in professional wrestling, many people have mixed views on his work. He began his career as a writer for WWE Magazine in 1992 and eventually worked his way up to being on the company's creative team in 1996. He would become the head writer for WWE in 1997, with his "Crash TV" style leading to "WWE Raw" surpassing "WCW Nitro" in the ratings, despite being criticized by people in and out of the business.

Russo would jump ship to WCW in October 1999, but his style didn't translate well, with his tenure as WCW's head writer often cited as the worst period in the company's history from a creative standpoint. Once WCW was bought out by WWE, he would take some time away from wrestling before making a brief return to WWE in 2002, but decided to join TNA Wrestling a few weeks later. He would end up spending multiple stints with TNA between 2002 and 2014, which even included a secret return to the company that was uncovered when he sent an email to PWInsider instead of TNA officials.