WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff Discusses Gaining More Respect For Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is considered by many fans to be the "workhorse champion," and his current reign as WWE World Heavyweight Champion seems to suggest the promotion believes the same thing. According to Eric Bischoff on his "83 Weeks" podcast, he's gained a newfound respect for Rollins. While he still maintains that Rollins is too over the top for him, Bischoff expressed his respect for the champion.


"I've gained a lot more respect for Seth over the last year. His character is just a little over the top for me, I like things that are just a little bit more believable. I get that this is entertainment, and we're selling merchandise, I get all that." Despite this, Bischoff pointed out Rollins has a lot of character range, and can be very effective in-ring. "But Seth's got some range. He's got range as a character. He can be serious and just be f**king ridiculous with those sunglasses he's wearing, goofy as hell, but then he can be deadly serious and very effective. I love his Curb Stomp."

However, he seemed far more excited for Drew McIntyre and recalled "The Scottish Psychopath's" WWE Championship victory in 2020. "But I'm excited for Drew. I was excited for him when he won in COVID, but this is not the same thing at all! Not even close ... But I'm happy that he gets that opportunity, he's worked hard for it and earned it."


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