WWE's Seth Rollins Elects To Eat Hot Wing Rather Than Say Something Nice About CM Punk

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch recently made an appearance on the popular YouTube show "Hot Ones," where the couple either had to answer a question or eat a hot wing. Naturally, Rollins was asked a question about his feelings toward none other than CM Punk.


Maintaining consistency, Rollins chose to eat a hot wing instead of saying anything positive about Punk. "God ... You know what? Here's the thing about Punk: I'm sure there are some nice things to say about him, but this is a game of choice! I would rather suffer through this hot wing than say anything publicly nice about him." However, he still found common ground with the "Second City Saint," and admitted that both men have deep convictions. "Here's one thing I'll say nice about him: he's a man of conviction and so am I."

Rollins also recently commented on Punk's efforts to "mend bridges" in WWE during an interview with "Inside the Ropes." Rollins interestingly claimed that while it seemed like he and Punk would clash at WrestleMania 40, he never thought it would actually happen, and took a shot at Punk's injury by referring to how Jon Moxley notably called Punk's body fragile. Additionally, he admitted Punk was making efforts to rebuild his relationship with WWE, but that there's still a chance he'll instead burn that bridge down in the end.


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