Bully Ray Analyzes How Sting Has Been Used In AEW

Sting has received a lot of praise from his peers for continuing to push himself at 64, especially now that his career is nearing its end. On "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray commented on AEW's utilization of "The Icon" since his debut.


"I think Sting was utilized properly in TNA; I think Sting was properly utilized in AEW," Bully said. "I think Tony's done a great job with Sting, featuring him as 'The Icon,' the legend, putting him in matches where he could be protected yet featured." Following this, Bully opened up about his relationship with Sting. "I spoke to Sting last night. Because I just wanted to tell him thank you. Thank you for allowing me to work with you. Thank you for being kind to me. The last thing I said to Sting was 'I love you, brother.' And he said 'I love you,' back."

Bully continued, noting he hopes that Sting's final match will be everything he's wanted, earned, and deserves to have. Additionally, he pointed out how Sting's father's recent passing will likely also add even more weight to the bout for the veteran. "And now his dad will be looking down from Heaven, and Sting being a devout Christian, knows his dad is going to be watching on from Heaven — I hope he can give his dad that last match that he would have liked to see."


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