The Young Bucks Reflect On Being Part Of Sting's Last Match In AEW At Revolution 2024

AEW Revolution is right around the corner, and arguably the most anticipated match on the show will see Sting wrestle for the final time. "The Icon" will team up with Darby Allin to face The Young Bucks in a Tornado Tag Match for the AEW World Tag Team Championship, and despite being the EVPs of AEW, even Matthew and Nicholas Jackson have to acknowledge the importance of the showdown they are about to be part of.


Speaking with Sports Illustrated, the Jackson brothers looked back on their childhood as they recall watching "The Stinger" wrestle every Monday night. "It's a crazy rollercoaster ride we've been on the last 20 years," Nicholas said. "I remember watching "Nitro" seeing Sting come down from the rafters to attack the NWO, and how mad I'd be that he'd always beat up Hogan. So to see him still performing at a high level all these years later is amazing. For Matthew and me to be his last match means a lot. It's the biggest match of our career, and it's a moment I didn't think would happen."

Matthew went on to explain that he and his brother met Sting for the first time when they wrestled as Generation Me for TNA in 2010. The AEW EVPs would routinely hold hands and pray before some of their bigger matches, but just because they are a large reason why AEW is as big as it is 2024 doesn't mean they won't pray one more time for their opponent. "Nicholas and I will keep the tradition alive Sunday at Revolution and say a quick prayer for Sting before our match."