Young Bucks Will Challenge For Tag Titles At AEW Revolution In Sting's Final Match

Sometimes, it pays to be EVPs. After The Young Bucks defeated Top Flight on "AEW Dynamite," Tony Schiavone took to the ring to interview Matthew and Nicholas Jackson, where he was quickly informed by the EVPs that, as an undefeated team this year, they are officially the number one contenders, and following Darby Allin saving Schiavone from a Bucks assault, the match for the AEW Tag Team Championships at "Revolution" was made official.


Not satisfied with proclaiming themselves challengers for the belts alone, The Bucks proceeded to chastise Schiavone, fine him for "breach of contract" based on how he's spoken of them on commentary, and then nearly hit the EVP Trigger, only thwarted by a run-in from Allin. With Matthew and Nicholas retreating up the ramp, Allin reminded them that the original AEW mission statement was to change the world and said that he had to beg for a job while their "s*** friends" got hired instead. Referencing "an EVP here with a cent of brains" at the time he was hired (and making clear he didn't mean Kenny Omega), Allin thanked God for being brought in thanks to that person before turning his thoughts toward the match at Revolution.


Telling The Bucks he wasn't sure they knew quite what they'd gotten themselves into, Allin described Sting as a man who has nothing left to lose, underscoring the importance of the final match in his illustrious career that has spanned nearly 40 years before signing off with his familiar "It's showtime!"