Eric Bischoff Thinks There's More To Kevin Nash's Take On Sting's Final AEW Match

"The Icon" Sting is set to retire from pro wrestling this weekend at AEW Revolution, but Kevin Nash — a good friend of Sting's for decades — has publicly declared he will not be attending the match. According to Eric Bischoff on "83 Weeks," there's more to Nash's reasons for staying away.


Bischoff sympathized with Nash, and explained that he also wishes he could have gone to see Sting's match live, even if he had to wear a disguise. "I think there's more to it than what we just heard and read. I can understand the way — if I could, I'd want to go and be a part of it, now I would go in disguise, for no other reason than I wouldn't want to be a distraction."

Based on this, Bischoff believes that Nash has the same reasons for not going. "That's part of it for Kevin, I know Kevin really well. Kevin is a good friend. He can be a real stubborn, grumpy, moody, tough individual to do business with sometimes. But he's a good friend. He's a loyal friend." Additionally, Bischoff opined that it might be very difficult for Nash to disguise himself due to his stature. "He may not have said it, but I would imagine that's a part of it as well. Especially when you're Kevin Nash! It's not like you're gonna be able to sneak in, try to hide!"


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