WWE's Kevin Owens Discusses Son's Prospects In Wrestling, Perhaps Working Together

While Kevin Owens has dedicated much of his life to professional wrestling, he prides himself on being a dedicated father as well. During a recent interview with "Inside The Ropes," Kevin weighed the possibility of those worlds blurring together, specifically in regards to the likelihood of his son, Owen, following in his footsteps.


"He's not passionate like I am. He doesn't eat it like I did. I was living, breathing wrestling 24/7 when I was his age. He's not like that, but he likes it," Kevin said. "He likes sitting with me and watching classic matches that I choose to [show] him. And whenever he gets to come [watch] live, obviously he appreciates everything. He wants to try, he wants to start training. I'm in no rush. He's 16. I started when I was 14, and while I'm thankful for all the experience, it was probably too early. He can take his time. He's just turned 16, He's six-foot-seven around 280 [pounds] and he's still growing I think. I think if he wants to he has the tools to have a pretty good career if he were to choose."


When asked about potentially teaming with his son in the ring, Kevin noted that he thoroughly enjoyed seeing the father-son duo of Rey and Dominik Mysterio have a formal run together in WWE. And although Kevin would certainly embrace the opportunity to wrestle alongside his own son, his top priority is ensuring that Owen takes on a career path he genuinely loves – whether that be in wrestling, or elsewhere.

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