Jeff Jarrett: Sting Could've Had The Match Of His Career Vs. This WWE Hall Of Famer

Sting's brief tenure in the WWE is controversial, as the WWE Hall of Famer received a rather ignoble WrestleMania debut in a losing effort to Triple H at WrestleMania 31. On "My World," Jeff Jarrett was curious about that choice, as he felt a match between Sting and The Undertaker would've made much more sense, and done a lot more for Sting's brand.


"It was one dream match that I thought in the hands of the WWE machine would be ... one of those 'We never thought we would get to see this,'" Jarrett said of the potential for Sting vs. Undertaker, noting that Undertaker is a consistent pro in what Jeff described as "big money" moments. "I thought 'Man, oh man, Sting is gonna get to have the match of his career.'"

Jarrett felt that the two characters are so iconic and so intrinsic to their respective promotions that it would be hard for WWE to flub it. Both Jarrett and his co-host Conrad Thompson felt the choice to instead have Sting debut against Triple H left them scratching their heads.

"My gut reaction — and almost the same when [Undertaker] lost the streak — almost exactly in my gut I said, 'Who got in Vince's ear?'" Jarrett admitted. "It doesn't feel like a promoter mentality ... it's the big one ... consumer confidence is built on the protagonist winning the money match and it didn't happen. I thought somebody got in his ear."


Sting briefly retired later that year with a neck injury but returned to the ring in 2020 when he joined AEW for a resurrection which has stunned fans. The ride is set to come to an end on Sunday, when "The Icon" wrestles his final match at AEW Revolution.