Vice Releases DSOTR Footage Of Haku Watching Infamous Moment For The First Time

Haku is regarded as one of the toughest men in the history of pro wrestling, but even he was in splits when he viewed one of the most iconic gaffes in the industry: The Shockmaster's debut.

The Shockmaster's first steps into the pro wrestling world didn't go as planned as the man behind the helmet, Fred Ottman, tripped and fell through the wall in comical fashion, losing his helmet in the process. Haku watched that clip for the first time during a taping of the "Dark Side of the Ring" documentary, and broke into fits of laughter at the incident.


"[laughs] Did he just f**k up the gimmick?" Haku asked after watching The Shockmaster tumble and lose his helmet. When he was asked his reaction to the clip, he agreed it was crazy and went on to laugh hysterically. "Oh my goodness [continues laughing]. It looked like he hit that thing and come down. He was looking for the gimmick [helmet], swimming [laughs]. Fred [Ottman], I still love you. I've never seen this sh*t before. That was something. I've never seen that before, believe me."


Haku's infectious laughter after watching the moment also left the crew in splits. The Shockmaster's debut came at WCW's Clash of the Champions pay-per-view in 1993, where he was introduced by Sting as one of his teammates for the WarGames match. The team also included Dustin Rhodes and Davey Boy Smith, and the foursome defeated the team of Vader, Sid Vicious, and Harlem Heat at Fall Brawl '93. The Shockmaster gimmick didn't last long in WCW and is now remembered for all the wrong reasons, but Ottman sees the funnier side of that incident, claiming that the helmet is possessed.