WWE Star The Rock Reveals One Of His Regrets In Life

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of the most recognized faces in both wrestling and Hollywood, and he's achieved numerous milestones in each industry. However, according to the man himself while posting on X, one of the biggest regrets of his life involves his father, Rocky Johnson.


Johnson passed away in 2020, and while Rock seemed to have a far better relationship with his father than he had in his childhood, it seems like many words were left unsaid. According to Rock's post, he simply wanted to bring attention to his father's legacy and give him his flowers, but while doing so he realized the two of them never really reconciled their relationship before his death. "My regret in this life is that I never had a chance to say goodbye to him, because he died suddenly. I regret not reconciling our complicated father/son s**t before I lost him. Raised me with tough fatherly love and an even tougher hand. The more I live life, the more grateful I am for it."


As noted in Rock's post, Johnson notably made history, alongside tag team partner Tony Atlas, by becoming the first-ever Black tag team champions. Jake "The Snake" Roberts spoke about that milestone on a recent episode of his "Snake Pit" podcast, and recalled just how huge it was at the time. Roberts also recalled how few opportunities Black men received in the industry during that period, noting how Junkyard Dog was the only exception at the time, but that bookers like Bill Watts were and still are racist today.