Roderick Strong Gets Candid About Orange Cassidy Ahead Of AEW Revolution 2024

At this weekend's AEW Revolution, Orange Cassidy will be putting his International Championship on the line as he takes on Roderick Strong. Appearing on the "Under the Ring" podcast, Strong shared his honest opinion of Cassidy and what he expects the outcome of their match will be. According to Strong, he has a deep respect for Cassidy. "The fact that he can work with absolutely anybody. Adjust his style, make people adjust their style, he's a very special wrestler but also a very special character." Additionally, Strong revealed that he knew of Cassidy before he adopted his current gimmick. "If he couldn't wrestle as well as he could and can, it probably would've turned me off, but the fact that he is so skilled? It makes it very impressive just how creative he is with it."


Strong continued, explaining how big of a deal the title match is to him, and how his injury time has changed the way he's approaching this chapter of his career, which he noted many of his peers are doing as well. Following this, Strong again praised Cassidy for the work he has been doing with the International Championship.

"The expectation is high and that is something that I personally need, to feel challenged and to live up to the legacy that's already been laid for the title." At the end of the podcast, Strong hyped up the match by noting that it'll be the biggest one of his career so far. "Biggest match of my career. It's the most important one."

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