WWE NXT's Booker T Comments On Winning Wrestling Observer's Worst TV Announcer Award

Booker T has been serving as a color commentator on "WWE NXT" since 2022. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer "won" Wrestling Observer's "Worst TV Announcer" award this year, and gave his take on the distinction on his "Hall of Fame" podcast. Booker gave his initial thoughts about getting the award, concluding that he must be doing something right to get all the hate he's received.


"When somebody vote you the worst at something? That mean you're doing something good. That's normally what it means." Following this, Booker laughed off the award and Excalibur for getting the "Best TV Announcer" award, and speculated why people don't like his commentating. "Worst commentator? [laughs]. But Excalibur was the best, though? [laughs]. So, my thing is, man, most of the people that was voting perhaps that had anything to do with that, they probably don't have any Black friends. They probably never broke bread with a brother! I'm not mad, I'm not mad one bit."

However, Booker gave an interesting reason for why he thinks he might have gotten the award. "I had a little run-in with one Dave Meltzer and, you know, it didn't go too well for him. Let's just say that." Despite this, he claims that even if the award is legit, it doesn't bother him at all.  "Perhaps, that's the reason why I got that award? Then again, maybe the people at the Observer really feel that way? But my thing is, it doesn't bother me — not one bit — because guess what? I'm gonna be on TV on Tuesday, I'll be right back!"


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