Booker T Reflects On This WWE Talent Growing 'In Front Of His Eyes'

WWE is currently enjoying one of its biggest booms in popularity in recent history, and seemingly preparing to usher in the next generation as more stars continue to pour into the main roster from "WWE NXT." Booker T has also taken note of this, and on his "Hall of Fame" podcast, he praised the transformation of Tiffany Stratton.


According to Booker, Stratton has grown right in front of his eyes and soaked up a lot of knowledge from the learning tree of "NXT." "She's grown right before my very eyes, and to see her in that position is great! She was sitting under that learning tree and getting that knowledge." He continued, explaining how he felt like she could've been pushed to the main roster sooner, but recalled how she herself explained she wasn't ready yet. "Maybe six months prior Tiffany Stratton could've went to the main roster, but I saw an interview that she said that 'I'm not rushing to get to the main roster, I'm just going to soak up all the knowledge that I can.' She has gotten to that position and she is ready for that position, she could work with anybody in the world and you can believe."


Additionally, Booker explained how good Stratton is, and praised her for how quickly she picked up the psychology of wrestling. "She can compete with anybody in the world, she's just that good. She's only a couple of years into the business, it's insane, that is extraordinary for somebody to be that young in the business that can go out there and truly work with the best of them from a psychology standpoint."

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