Video: Tiffany Stratton Blames Australia For WWE Elimination Chamber Loss

Having delivered an electrifying response to Tiffany Stratton at WWE's 2024 Elimination Chamber event, it is clear that Australia runs on Tiffy Time. Despite their recurring "Tiffy Time" chants during the Women's and Men's Elimination Chamber matches, though, it seems that Australia's efforts weren't good enough to lead Stratton to a victory.


On the heels of her Women's Elimination Chamber performance, Stratton addressed the unexpected support she received from the live audience in Perth, Australia in a WWE Elimination Chamber digital exclusive. Stratton, of course, took notice of their love, but in the end, she believes they could have done more.

"Obviously, Australia has great taste, I have to say, but maybe if they would have cheered a little bit louder, I actually would have won," Stratton said.

Saturday's eponymous premium live event marked Stratton's first appearance in the grueling Elimination Chamber structure. And while she may have been one of the least experienced in this particular type of match, she did manage to land a major elimination.


After escaping a steel-woven Dis-Arm-Her from Becky Lynch, Stratton attempted to take down Liv Morgan inside the ring with an elbow to her face, to which Morgan responded by sending Stratton flying into the turnbuckle. With Stratton then momentarily laid out with a double stomp, and Morgan now ascending the ropes, Naomi nailed Morgan with a sunset flip powerbomb off the top of the nearby chamber pod. However, before Naomi could capitalize, Stratton rolled her up for a three-count pinfall.

Much like Naomi, Stratton would eventually be eliminated from the matchup via pinfall as well, though in her case, it was at the hands of Liv Morgan.