Fox Blacks Out WWE SmackDown Bloodline Segment In Reported Effort To Avoid Crowd Sign

The Bloodline were once again the focal point of "WWE SmackDown" this week, as The Rock declined Cody Rhodes' recent challenge for a match at WrestleMania. Instead, Rock thought it would be a better idea to have himself and Roman Reigns face Rhodes and Seth Rollins in a tag team match as one of WrestleMania 40's main events. "The Great One" has been playing up his heelish antics as of late, so much so that Fox had to work around the crowd who weren't happy to see Rock on "SmackDown."


PWInsider reports that the random blackouts fans in the United States kept experiencing on the March 1 "Smackdown" wasn't a technical problem, but was Fox themselves trying to censor a sign in the crowd that read "Die Rocky Die." The fans also chanted "Die Rocky Die" at the former WWE Champion, causing the crowd to be dubbed over, and in some cases, completely muted due to the hostility of the chant.

The "Die Rocky Die" chant became infamous not too long after Rock's 1996 WWE debut, as the fans didn't respond well to the bland Rocky Maivia character being forced upon them. The chant would eventually lead to Dwayne Johnson shedding his babyface persona of Rocky Maivia and evolving into The Rock. He would join The Nation of Domination in 1997 to revolt against the WWE fans who booed him, deciding to forge his own path of not caring about anyone but himself. However, his natural charisma and attitude proved too much for the fans to remain against, and his entertaining villainy launched him into WWE's main event scene and eventually becoming one of the most popular stars of all time.