Sting's AEW Colleagues And Family Pay Tribute Ahead Of Revolution

Sting is set to call time on his iconic 38-year career at AEW Revolution this Sunday. "The Icon" will partner with Darby Allin for the last time, defending their AEW tag titles against the Young Bucks in a Tornado Tag match. Ahead of Sting riding off into the sunset, the Players' Tribune collected voicemails left by his AEW colleagues and family members, including the likes of Jeff Jarrett, Eddie Kingston, FTR, Britt Baker, Tony Schiavone, and Arn Anderson, to commemorate his decorated tenure in wrestling and in life. 


Sting's sons, Steven and Garrett Borden, both left messages for him, exuding pride to have him as a father and for what he has become within wrestling. 

"I want to say that I'm just really proud of you, and I think your will to resist the erosion of time is something that just continues to blow me away," said Steven, "Especially over the last 12 to 24 months. Just your fortitude to kind of white-knuckle through pain and injury, broken ribs, surgeries, and everything that this business requires to deliver electric moments to the wrestling universe, is something that just — I can see kinda the behind-the-scenes stuff and it just has continued to blow me away. So I'm excited for this last ride and just really proud of you." 


"You've managed to stay so youthful the entire time," Garrett said. "I love how when we were kids, you were at every single football game, every Christmas party, Thanksgiving, track meet, you were always there. I know that, for this industry, it's tough. Sometimes kids don't get to see their dads that much, but I never felt like that as a kid and I always just knew that you were there."

Messages from Sting's daughter, niece, and daughter-in-law

Sting's daughter, Gracie, also shared a message for her father. She started with an emphatic, "I love you" before explaining that there are just three who have the distinction of calling Sting their father. 


"Me, Garrett, and Steven really scored in the dad department, if you ask me. One night, you're painted up and jumping through cables; the very next morning, you're sweeping leaves off my porch and helping me set up my washer and dryer," she said. "You are so special to me, Dad, and it has been the coolest thing I've ever experienced getting to watch you do what you do over these last few years ... I will never stop being your biggest fan and that is an understatement." 

Sting's sister, Kelley Bouck, remarked that she can say she has a superhero for a brother after a stellar and amazing career. But what makes him an exceptional man goes beyond what he does in the ring.

"You're so faithful and steadfast in your commitment to the Lord and your family, and you're just a superhero in every arena of life," she said. "Congratulations on finishing this leg of the race so well. I love you, brother." 


Closing up the family portion of the voicemails, Sting's daughter-in-law and AEW colleague Katelyn Borden, along with his niece Randi Jackson, also shared messages for "The Icon."

"It has been an honor to be your daughter-in-law as well as your co-worker at AEW. Anytime I get asked about you I always say the same thing. Anything you think about Sting, any picture you have of him in your head, he's better," said Katelyn, while Randi said, "I hope you feel all the love and admiration coming your way at the culmination of just such an iconic career."