AEW Star Darby Allin Discusses Sting's Final Match At Revolution 2024

Darby Allin has discussed the lengths he is willing to go to give Sting the perfect send-off when they duo defend their AEW Tag Team Championships against The Young Bucks at Revolution.

The match will be contested under Tornado Tag rules, and not only will the rules be relaxed for Sting's last match, but given that the champions have made the match their specialty, there's an extra level of pressure. During a recent appearance on the "Battlegrounds" podcast, Allin was asked what he thinks Sting's last match will be like, to which he sounded both excited and nervous.


"It scares me," Allin said. "This is the very last match so there's nothing left to lose and I think someone might go to the hospital. I think it's going to be a wild fight, and I know I'll stop at nothing to make sure that it's probably one of the most memorable matches that he's ever had. People are always going to remember this, if you c**p the bed on the last match, people are always going to remember that. So it's my mission statement right here that I am going to make sure this man's career ends with the respect it deserves, and if I have to sacrifice myself, so be it. A sacrifice must be made, so we'll see."

Allin admitted that he never thought he'd be a tag team wrestler, let alone win gold with someone like Sting. They defeated Ricky Starks and Big Bill on the February 7 edition of "Dynamite," in a match that the two men couldn't celebrate due to The Young Bucks attacking them afterward. Even once the cameras had stopped rolling, Allin admitted that he couldn't celebrate with Sting backstage as he was getting stitches from the AEW medical team.


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