Natalya Assesses WWE's Women's Division In Wake Of Vince McMahon Allegations

The allegations against Vince McMahon have turned the wrestling industry inside-out, but his departure from the promotion has likely given many in the WWE Women's Division some peace of mind. In a recent interview with the "Gorilla Position," Natalya commented on the toll the allegations have taken on the women in WWE.


Natalya believes she has strong relationships with all the women in the locker room but that WWE should now focus on boosting the women's division. "For me, the biggest focus is inclusion for the women and making sure that the women in WWE, right now, shine brighter than they ever have before."

Despite this, she believes everyone can move forward and that it's tough to process everything they see about the allegations online. "I think what grounds me is my relationships with the girls in the locker room. How we can stay positive for each other, how we can stay supportive of each other, just being there to talk to each other [and] work through feelings."

However, Natalya noted that the situation likely affects everyone differently, but now is a time for empathy and giving people chances to impress on the big stage. "We got a women's division in WWE that's better than it's ever been. The best thing we can do is to give women as many opportunities as we can to shine right now and for women to feel safe, included, and welcome."


McMahon resigned from TKO Group Holdings following the lawsuit, though he still owns shares in the company. Federal prosecutors are reportedly investigating the former WWE boss in the wake of the allegations as well, but what will come of it remains to be seen.

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