WWE's Booker T Speculates On Why AEW Is Ramping Up Their Number Of Annual PPV Events

AEW has been adding more pay-per-views to its schedule since last year, and has since ramped up its line-up even more after filing the trademark for a reported spring event called Dynasty. In a recent episode of his "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T commented on the promotion's new direction and explained why this is happening.


According to Booker, AEW is likely making a few changes because the company is focusing on generating more revenue. "I think they're saying that, ' Guys, we need to create more revenue. We need to sell more merch. We need to get more interest in this product.' So moving that number up seems like that's business-related to me."

Booker also explained how lucrative the WWE blueprint has been and noted how the promotion can offer excellent deals to their fans as a result. Due to this, he believes AEW should follow suit. "That's the route they have to go now. So, they're gonna have to do pay-per-views." 

Despite speculating that AEW wants to increase its revenue, the WWE Hall of Famer noted that he doesn't think the promotion has been losing money on PPVs. "I would imagine that they haven't been losing money on the pay-per-views. Again, it wouldn't be smart to want to bump the pay-per-views up if they were losing money on them." He thinks AEW was definitely losing money at first, and recalled how he similarly lost millions in the early years of his promotion, Reality Of Wrestling. "I spent millions trying to create something, and thank God I did because Sharmelle would've divorced me and took the other half."


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