Video Package Promoting Pac's Return Airs On AEW Revolution Zero Hour

There is no shortage of talent on the AEW roster and that collective is soon to be strengthened even further with the return of PAC. In a vignette during "AEW Revolution: Zero Hour," PAC was shown portraying multiple images of himself in various situations, sometimes all together in a bit of a multiple personalities-type vibe, the former AEW International (then-All-Atlantic) Champion announced that he "will be back very soon," promising to take the company into a new age.


It has been quite some time since PAC was seen on AEW television — July 26th, in fact. In the time since, it was announced that he was dealing with a significant injury and that he would "not be able to compete for quite a while now" by AEW President Tony Khan. Interestingly enough, PAC referenced Khan by name in the vignette, insinuating that the boss might have preferred it if he wouldn't come back at all."You'll never get rid of me, Tony Khan," PAC said. "I'm like a cockroach — an indestructible little bastard, always lurking in the underbelly. I will be back very soon whether you like it or not and I am going to drag this festering scrotum of a company into a new age."

We last saw PAC compete on an episode of "Dynamite," defeating Gravity via submission in match that apparently re-aggravated an existing injury. And though it has cost him nearly seven months and counting, PAC assured everyone tonight that he's not done yet and ready to resume competing in AEW.


"I'm alive, ladies and gentlemen! And doesn't it feel good to be alive?"