Samoa Joe Taps Out Hangman Page To Retain AEW World Title In Revolution Triple Threat

Samoa Joe snatched victory from Swerve Strickland during the AEW World Championship three-way also featuring "Hangman" Adam Page at Revolution. Strickland looked to have the match won after landing his own adapted version of the Buckshot Lariat followed by the JML Driver to Adam Page, only for Joe to snatch Strickland out of his pinning position for a half-and-half suplex. Afterward, he locked in the Coquina Clutch and forced Page to tap out — though the question has been asked as to whether Page had submitted legitimately or as a way to ensure his arch-rival, Swerve, didn't win the world title


Page was also a victim of his own actions earlier in the match, taking out the referee to prevent a Swerve pinfall before landing several shots to his adversary with the championship belt. He declared the title to be his and that Strickland would never have it before landing two Buckshot Lariats for the visual pin — alas, there was no referee to make the count. By the time a different ref made it into the ring, Joe kicked out, although Page would similarly take the new referee out before the closing stretch as he gradually became more unhinged.

Samoa Joe's title reign will now continue beyond 65 days, having won the title from MJF at Worlds End in December. Per Fightful Select, Page is also reportedly scheduled to take time off soon, which may have been why he was booked to attack the referees.