Drew McIntyre On Whether It Bothers Him When WWE Commentators Call Him A Hypocrite

Drew McIntyre has fully embraced his heel persona and no longer pulls any of his punches when it comes to the WWE locker room. In a recent appearance on WWE's "The Bump," McIntyre addressed Michael Cole's opinion that he's a hypocrite for using interference from The Bloodline to his advantage after his history with them.


"It bothers me a lot," McIntyre said. "Michael Cole, specifically, but Pat and anybody on commentary, they are the voices of WWE, Michael is the voice of WWE. He controls the narrative, he affects exactly how the fans think and feel, and he's painted me with this negative brush. And I can't swear on here, but it P's me off."

McIntyre claimed that he feels attacked, and that if he isn't given time on television to air his feelings, he's forced to turn elsewhere.

"I have to go on social media to get the truth out there, and I will get the truth out there," he said. "Slowly but surely, everyone's coming round to the truth ... I am absolutely not a hypocrite. I'm doing absolutely what needs to be done for 'Raw,' for the world title, for WWE. I've been doing this thing my whole life. I've been doing it 20 years. Look at all the ups and downs and my personal journey — if anybody knows what's good for this place, it's Drew McIntyre.


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