Former WWE Star Says Drew McIntyre Is 'Killing It' In WrestleMania 40 Storyline

After three years of tainted attempts at capturing his third world championship in WWE, Drew McIntyre has vehemently vowed to not let anything, or anyone, derail his quest of dethroning WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 40. With his motivation now arguably at an all-time high, McIntyre outlasted five other men inside the grueling Men's Elimination Chamber match — all while battling a ruptured eardrum — to secure himself a WrestleMania title match against Rollins. In the meantime, McIntyre has also continued to mock the man who is now on the shelf due to an injury he supplied at the 2024 Royal Rumble — CM Punk.


"[McIntyre] is just an absolute unit, it's just ridiculous," said former WWE star Paul Burchill on "The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling." "He's so good, just tight, and just looks like a killer. It's great really. I really like him, I enjoy watching him. Certain guys, you just make a point of trying to see and trying to watch and everything. He's definitely one. He's probably that for a lot of people, where they're like 'Oh, I'm gonna watch this. This is going to be good. Something's gonna happen here.' Yeah, he's killing it, and [he had a] great resurgence."

As Burchill alluded to, McIntyre previously left WWE with the intention of reinventing himself. And after a trio of years on the independent circuit and in Impact Wrestling, the once "chosen one" returned to WWE as the rejuvenated, more legitimate "Scottish Warrior." Since resurfacing in 2017, McIntyre has collected one reign as "WWE NXT" Champion, one as "WWE Raw" Tag Team Champion, and two reigns as WWE Champion. Now, he aims to begin his third on "The Grandest Stage of Them All." 


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