Ace Steel Reveals The One WWE Dream Match He Wants For CM Punk

There's a laundry list of dream matches awaiting CM Punk in WWE that fans are excited to see whenever he returns to the ring, but his close friend Ace Steel has named one particular match he wants Punk to have. Steel feels that Punk should face "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, a match he thinks could be a WrestleMania main event.


"I don't care if it's SummerSlam, whatever it is, whatever PPV they want to run," he told "The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling." "It's obviously a 'Mania main event for certain, but I would love to see that match. I don't care what anyone says, it'll be hot, it'll be a hot brawl, it'll be a hot match."

A match between the two is something that has long been spoken about amongst fans, dating back to Punk's original run with WWE. The two men had several segments at times that teased tension between them, but at that time, Austin was firmly retired. However, since "The Texas Rattlesnake" returned to the ring to face Kevin Owens, and Punk re-signed with WWE, the possibility of this dream encounter happening is something the audience has been talking about again, which was enhanced by the fact Austin hasn't ruled out wrestling again.


"I'm such a fan of Stunning Steve Austin, his matches with Ricky Steamboat, and so is Punk," Steel said. "We used to just watch those religiously. To see those two lock horns it's obviously a long, long time coming, and I think it can still be done."

Austin himself has spoken about the possibility of wrestling Punk, admitting that the two of them are friends, and joked that as long as Punk can take a Stunner he's open to it.

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