Eric Bischoff Weighs In On Vince McMahon Still Owning Shares In WWE Parent Company

Eric Bischoff has commented on the fact that former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon still has shares in TKO, WWE's parent company. In a recent episode of "Strictly Business," Bischoff argued that if taking a "common-sense approach," McMahon's 12% share doesn't mean too much, but he could become an important swing vote. 


"In combination with other voting shares [who] may vote along the same lines as what Vince may want to vote on? Then it could become meaningful if it's a close vote."

The case against Vince McMahon is still ongoing and only time will prove whether the heinous allegations made against him can be proven in court or not. However, in the meantime, McMahon stepped away from TKO Holdings and WWE.  Bischoff, further in the podcast, praised TKO's handling of the Vince McMahon situation

"I think TKO has done a great job -– they've had to, given the litigation and everything that's at risk -– of distancing itself from Vince McMahon and other than that 12% voting stock, which could potentially in a very unique situation matter," said the Hall of Famer.


Bischoff then proposed that he believed that McMahon would either sell off his shares soon or one of his family members would inherit them upon his death. "Vince will eventually cash out or his family will inherit his shares upon death. I don't think Vince's relationship with TKO, vis-à-vis his 12%, is really gonna matter," stated Bischoff. "Technically it could, but practically I don't think it'll ever matter."

This week, McMahon reportedly sold around $400 million worth of his stock in TKO, and he is now rumored to have an 8.3 percent share of TKO.

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