WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff Reacts To The Rock's Social Media Promo

The Rock recently cut a social media promo blasting WWE stars Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. Despite the clip being 20 minutes long, many have praised it, including Eric Bischoff, who shared his thoughts on the promo in a recent episode of "83 Weeks."


According to Bischoff, The Rock broke ground with his promo because he did something that many people aren't doing in the industry today. "For Rock, especially, and the magnitude of his stardom, to use social media in a way to really advance the story but do it so much differently than he's either able to do on television or willing to do on television?"

Additionally, he noted differenced in this version of The Rock. "This is a side of The Rock that feels more personal, therefore creating some emotion. Whether I like it or dislike it or not, it was effective." Bischoff then claimed that the segment made him more interested in the storyline going into WrestleMania, but that he still believes the current angle was improvised. "They're creating a cohesive story based on something that was unplanned. I find that process and the thinking behind it so interesting because that's why I watch this stuff."


Bischoff also expressed how shocked he was that The Rock swore in the clip, noting how sensitive the industry still is due to sponsorships from corporate entities but also that it added to the realism of the story. "To hear that delivery? It made it feel real and organic. This brought that to 2024. Could you do it on television? No."