WWE's Natalya Opens Up About Meeting R-Truth For The First Time At Indie Show

R-Truth is arguably one of the most beloved characters in WWE today, based on many of the things his peers say about him and the way his promo segments are always praised on social media. In a recent interview with Joe Vulpis, Natalya recalled the first time she met R-Truth, adding that her WWE colleague hasn't changed at all over the years.


"It's funny because meeting Truth all those years ago? He's still exactly the same nice, sweet, awesome, genuine person that he is today," said Natalya.

She then recalled how difficult it was for her to get booked at shows early on in her career, and how different the industry was in 2001 and 2002. "There wasn't a whole lot of like ... wrestling just wasn't what it is now. And so independent wrestling promotions don't have the kind of money to fly you out of Canada and fly you to their promotion in United States and have to get you a work permit and have to get you a flight internationally. I didn't have a name."

Despite this, she eventually got her first indie booking, where she coincidentally met R-Truth for the first time. "So, it was very hard for me to get work independently, but my very first show was called Baseball Brawl, in Buffalo, New York, and that's where I met R-Truth. And he was so nice to me. I always remember how great he was to me. I feel like from that moment on took me under his wing."


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