WWE's Natalya Comments On The Iron Claw, Potential Hart Family Biopic

"The Iron Claw" movie did a great job at bringing the story of the Von Erich family to life on the big screen, proving that professional wrestling can entertain and entice people who aren't involved in the business. While the family is iconic, they're not the only one with history and interesting characters, which is why Natalya thinks there's huge potential in telling a story about the Hart family.


"There's lots of ways you could go with it, our family is so big there's so much meat on the bone," she told "Gorilla Position." "Even just the story about me as a woman growing up in this crazy world and seeing it through my eyes, you could tell a whole story on the Hart Foundation, you could tell one on the whole family, you could tell a whole story on the life and times of Stu Hart."

Natalya admitted "The Iron Claw" was beautifully done, praising Chavo Guerrero for his work behind the scenes on the movie and for teaching the actors the in-ring aspect, which she believes has highlighted what an incredible coach he is. 

The success of the movie has certainly left wrestling fans with a desire to see more stories told about the business in that way. Natalya was recently spotted with Rory Culkin and people associated with Yale Productions, which got people talking about the potential of a Hart family movie taking place. The WWE star revealed that she has some plans in place, but didn't fully disclose details about it.


"I am working on something that is very close to my heart, and there's a few things that I'm working on that I am excited about and you just never know," she teased.

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