Tony Khan Comments On How New Hire Jen Pepperman Is Bolstering AEW Women's Division

AEW CEO Tony Khan has given an update on new AEW hire Jeniffer Pepperman's performance and integration into the promotion.

In an effort to yet again bolster AEW with some of the best in the industry, AEW recently signed former WWE Senior Writer Jennifer "Jen" Pepperman as the VP Of Content Development. During a recent media call before "AEW Revolution," Khan stated that he loves collaborating with many of the talent in AEW and noted that Pepperman is one of the people he spends late nights with. 


"I was in the office very late last night, working, and Jen was one of the people I had there with me along with Will Washington, Brian Danielson, Jimmy Jacobs, Mike Mansuri," said Khan.

Khan then praised those he works with in creative and expressed how grateful he is for Pepperman's addition. "It's really nice to have somebody like Jen who has experience in pro wrestling but also a lot of experience in television. It's the same process with more people and more ideas worked into it. She's fitting in great and I like working with her a lot."

Later in the media call, he was asked about the change in focus on the women's roster and Pepperman's role in the shift. 

"The women's locker room has never been more energized. I feel like the depth of talent has gotten stronger and stronger. Jen Pepperman adds a lot to any conversation she's in. I love the world of soap operas and I think it's fascinating what she does, she's an Emmy Award Winning filmmaker," said the AEW CEO.


Reports indicate that Pepperman is set to play a key role in crafting women's storylines in AEW while also making contributions to the men's storylines.

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