Video: Joe Gacy Reacts To Asylum Match On WWE NXT — 'My Only True Friend Is Pain'

Joe Gacy was defeated by Dijak in a brutal Asylum Match on Tuesday's "WWE NXT" Roadblock, but the former Schism leader seems to have loved every minute of the battle. In a WWE digital exclusive posted to the company's X (formerly Twitter) account, Gacy speaks to the camera, still with the duct tape Dijak put around his eyes. In the promo, Gacy said Dijak is celebrating his win tonight, but he is also celebrating because the match was the "most fun he's ever had." He said he finally felt like "himself" again, and he's ready to do the violence of the match "again and again and again."


"I think I've been wandering 'NXT' for so long, really trying to find my true self and I told myself, 'Joe, I think you're all by yourself,'" Gacy said. "I felt lonely. I felt a longing inside of me that constantly reached out to others and tried to pull them in and tried to form some kind of union, but I was forced to go it alone. But, I didn't see what was right in front of me the entire time is that ... my only true friend is pain. Tonight was a celebration of pain and I loved every minute of it. I loved every, every shot of kendo sticks, chairs, getting hit. It felt right."


Gacy and Dijak's feud began when Gacy was on commentary for one of the former T-Bar's matches on "NXT." Gacy got up from the desk and hit Dijak with a headbutt, sparking their ongoing rivalry. Before Roadblock, the two competed against each other in a no-disqualification match at February's Vengeance Day, where Dijak also defeated Gacy.