O'Shea Jackson Jr. Weighs In On The Rock's Questionable Hand Gesture In WWE

The Rock has now firmly aligned himself with Roman Reigns and "The Bloodline," even going as far as "acknowledging The Tribal Chief." However, many believe he's slowly plotting to turn on Reigns. O'Shea Jackson Jr. — son of rap legend Ice Cube — was recently invited onto Booker T's "Hall of Fame," where he gave his take on the direction of the angle as a fan.


Many have noticed that The Rock has been throwing up an "L" sign instead of The Bloodline sign, and Jackson doesn't think it's a mistake. 

"If you do something twice, you're doing it on purpose," he declared. "First of all, we all speculated that at some point they're gonna have to clash because we all know we want Rock and Roman, it's gonna happen some kind of way."

Jackson then explained that fans are probably all on pins and needles and fantasy booking the next step of the feud. However, he doesn't see the betrayal happening at this year's WrestleMania. 

"While you're telling me a double cross is going to happen at this 'Mania, and they're gonna have to have multiple encounters all the way to the next Mania and it's still gonna happen the same way? I just don't think the doublecross is gonna happen as soon as people think."


Despite this, Jackson describes The Rock's handsign as "internet food" and that nobody in WWE has been willing to leak anything to him. Either way, he knows The Bloodline will end, and admits that he could just be ignorant to the imminent betrayal. "I just don't want it to happen until we get that record, man! So, I'm just being ignorant," said Jackson.

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