Jeff Jarrett Weighs In On Paul Heyman's Selection For WWE Hall Of Fame

Paul Heyman was recently announced to lead this year's WWE Hall of Fame Class, which the internet warmly reacted to due to his numerous contributions to the industry. On his "My World" podcast, Jeff Jarrett commented on Heyman's pending induction, and his history with The Bloodline's "Wiseman." According to Jarrett, when he first learned of Heyman's induction, he initially thought back to their time together in CWA.


"The first thing that came to my mind on old Paulie? You know, he made his Memphis run and came down and managed Tommy Rich and Austin Idol, and that's the first place I met Paul." Jarrett then recalled more of their time together, and the impact Heyman has had on the industry, leading him to question why his induction is only happening now.

"Just, when I think about that and the last couple of years, me and Paul actually traveled quite a bit together. He is obviously a character and does impersonations, but as a — we're just going to say 'Executive Director' — he's been behind the scenes, but just as an onscreen talent I have to ask myself: What took so long?" Following this, Jarrett pointed to the many accomplishments Heyman has had in his career, and expressed how he believes the induction should've happened a long time ago. "I mean, you look at his onscreen accolades, his career? 'Cause damn, to me it's a long time coming for old Paulie."


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