WWE's John Cena Explains Why He Thinks He's Not The GOAT

Many consider John Cena to be one of the greatest of his generation, which is also a narrative that WWE has been pushing in recent times but Cena refuted those notions.

In a recent interview on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Cena said that he would rather not answer whether he thinks he's the "GOAT" but believes there is a criteria that others have met. 


"I would say people who elevate the business to new heights. This is just my perspective -– Hulk Hogan would have to be in there, Steve Austin, Dwayne Johnson, and Roman Reigns." 

Interestingly, Cena has praised Roman Reigns similarly in the past. Cena also explained that he never felt like he was the top guy in WWE, and commented on other terms being thrown about these days like "locker room leader." 

"I think that's a perspective that has gotten muddled, and –- just my opinion –- you just want the championship, now as the areas become gray, terms like 'locker room leader' is thrown around, and 'the guy' is thrown around. The championship should be the identifier of that."

Cena also proposed that there were many other major names during his run, but that any success he had wouldn't have existed without the roster working hard too. "While I was there, you had people like Randy Orton, who's had a tremendous career, Batista, Edge, CM Punk, heck, The Shield. I guess my throughline is nobody does it alone. I don't exist without all the hard work of everybody else," Cena declared.


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