AEW Announcer Jim Ross Offers Health Update

Jim Ross' long battle with skin cancer has been well-publicized, and he underwent another surgery for it recently, which was successful. On "Grilling JR," Ross revealed that he also recently fell and cracked his hip, leading to a three-week recovery.


"I spent about three weeks in rehab, physical therapy, and all that stuff," Ross said. However, he claims he decided to come home instead. "I have an in-home nurse, and so I'm healing, just taking some time. I think the big difference for me has been getting my meds supplied intravenously." Ross also noted that he's now at the end cycle of his healing, but that traveling is difficult. "Traveling, being on the road with this affliction is no fun. I'm not sure exactly when I'm going to get back in the saddle as far as doing the show, I'm assuming it'll be at the next pay-per-view, I guess. I think that's in St. Louis."

Ross mentioned that he's currently walking with a cane, but quickly pointed out that it's only temporary. "It's part of the healing process. It's going to take some time to get there. It was a great weekend. That was probably some of the best medicine that I could receive. Tony Khan's done a good job of hiring a lot of new people that seem to be doing their jobs well."


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